mdav (at) gatech (dot) edu

Please note that I receive a large number of emails every day, and so in general I cannot personally respond to every one. To increase the likelihood of receiving a quick response, try to be as concise as possible and avoid asking vague questions. If you are a student who is interested in working with me, make sure to read this page before contacting me.


Coda, Room S1117

My office is on the eleventh floor of the Coda building, which is located at 756 W Peachtree St NW. Note that the building has restricted access, so if you are coming to my office and are not a student registered in one of my courses, you will need to call me from the lobby and I can come out to let you in.


(404) 894-2881

Mailing address

Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Elec. & Comp. Engineering
777 Atlantic Drive NW
Atlanta, GA 30332